A BRIT BIT - by Ben Bergen with Amy Scanlon and Thomas David Burns Scully 


A CHRISTMAS CAROL - by Ian Kershaw with Victoria Jeffrey and James Physick and directed by


CLEARANCE - by FIONA WHITELAW with Fiona Whitelaw and Hugo Trebels and directed by


DADDY ISSUES - by Thomas David Burns Scully with Natasha Nightingale and directed by


DREAM TIM - by David Lee White  with Hugo Trebels & Gareth Balaiand 


COCKNEY SHAKESPEARE: JULIET / ROMEO - by Zoe Watkins with Zoe Watkins


HIGHTIDE - by Bronwen Denton-Davis with Zoe Watkins & Daniel Damiano

JACK ABOUT ACTING - by Thomas David Burns Scully with Hugh Buller


READY YET TO TAKE, FOR THE HEART TO STAND - by Mark O'Neil with Sophie Sorensen and Clemmie Evans


STRUCK - by Isley Lynn with Fiona Whitelaw and Thomas David Burns Scully


THAT JOKE - by Matthew Wilkie with Duncan Pflaster and Claire Sanderson


THE ART OF TEA - by Daniel Damiano with Chantal Mason & Helen McMillan


THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE - by Camilla Maxwell with Raquel Cion, Daniel Damiano, James Physick & Gareth Balai


THE PROPOSAL UPDATE - by Daniel Johnson with Billy Giacci, Liz Curtis & Helen McMillan


WALKER - by FIONA WHITELAW with Fiona Whitelaw


WOMEN WHO SEEM NICE - by Thomas David Burns Scully with Fiona Whitelaw and Victoria Jeffrey







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