BritBits 9 / VGrafLive Studio Audience Member Terms of Attendance


Thanks for donating to Mind the Gap and volunteering as a VGrafLive Studio Audience Member.  We truly appreciate your support and your willingness to play an essential part in the LIVE! performance.


EACH PERSON attending MUST BE AN INDIVIDUAL MTG supporter to be a volunteer Studio Audience Member (SAM) for a BritBits 9 live performance and agree to these terms.  Because this is a live internet TV webcast, it runs a bit different than a regular "theatre" show. Here are key points to know and accept:


Studio seating is very limited for safety and legal reasons. Your attendance will indicate your complete acceptance of the terms of participation.


Before the event, you will receive by email a BB9 “Studio Audience Member” admission notification including your date and time to appear, directions to the studio and other information.


Print and bring your SAM notification to show to our staff at our building entrance. It's your personal theatre ticket. Only the named SAM may check in.  Sorry, but that's legal stuff we must comply with.


Everyone attending must be at least 18 years old or over 13 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Each SAM must present a government-issued photo ID containing date of birth as proof of age.  Please note that some plays present adult topics and language.


Check-in time starts one (1) hour before the show's start-time and absolutely ends thirty (30) minutes before show start-time to allow for coat-check, seating and a pre-event briefing. No one will be allowed entry to the building after that time.  Entry will only be given to SAM notification holders.  The exact time window to arrive will also be found on your SAM notification.


There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the building.  Always go directly between the building entrance and the VGrafLive studio.  Please maintain courteous respect for the other residents of the building and for the property itself.


You should carefully follow all the directions of the staff, especially in regard to safety matters.  After the pre-show briefing, to minimize disruption, you must stay in the studio as you are directed for the entire duration of the event.  


However, one thing you won't be directed to do is to applaud, cheer, cry or laugh. That should be real from you.


Note that there may be no break or only a short break during the actual event.  Please also note that there is only a single unisex bathroom.  Do arrive early and be prepared.


You will be notified in advance of the approximate duration of the show, generally about one and a half hours.   


Sometimes audience members will be seen in the transmission of the webcast and its recording.  By accepting an invitation as a Studio Audience Member, you are thereby giving unlimited permission to VgrafLive to transmit and use your image and/or sound in any manner at VGL’s sole discretion. 


In no case is photography or recording of the event in any manner by a SAM permitted.


SAM invitations/notifications cannot be transferred in any way to another person without the explicit written permission of VGrafLive. Any invitation may be revoked at any time at the discretion of show personnel.


This is a private venue and event; entry and attendance is solely at the discretion of the VGL personnel. There is no charge made by VGL for your entry but only donating supporters of Mind the Gap can serve as volunteer SAMs.


Thank you for your interest and support.  We know you'll enjoy this year's performance of BritBits 9