BritBit 9 Webcast Viewer Bookings

BritBits 9 was a Mind the Gap / VGrafLive co-production to be performed at the Videograf studio before a small studio audience there to provide ambiance to the actors and a true theatre feeling for you. While the show was forced (stay tuned for the latest news) to move to a different venue at the last moment, several play's dress rehearsals had already been recorded. 


An archival recording of the entire actual show performed instead at the Manhattan Theatre Club may be viewable in the near future too.


To benefit Mind the Gap’s productions, VGrafLive is making these available to those who support Mind the Gap  with a tax-deductible donation of $5 or more


Support the performing arts, overcome evil.   Only $5!

At the right, enter your contact  information, any additional donation, hit Book It! and, after OKing a summary of your order, you'll be sent to a Mind the Gap page to actually donate and confirm your booking.


Once we receive the payment notification, you'll be emailed a donation confirmation and an access code, your key to returning to this website. Then just sign in and enjoy replaying the show all you'd like.



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