Several BritBits 9 dress rehearsals were recorded at VGrafLive shortly before unforeseen circumstances forced the production to move to the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York Theater District on April 23 & 24, 2016.  These recordings are now availble here for your viewing enjoyment.  Soon, a recording of the full live performance will also be available. 

Presented by Mind the Gap Theatre, New York's premiere British theatre company, two performances of Brit Bits 9,

"an evening of short plays by, for or about the British", in collaboration with VGrafLive.


- comedy, tragedy, farce and drama as only the Brits can do it -

Webcast Viewing 

(Replay only)

Brit Bits 9, the Brit Bits series' ninth season plays to perform in rep are:

Simple Act of Breathing by Rachel Barnett * Lines by Paul D’Alessandris * Philoctetes by Sander Gusinow * Normal by Patch Harris * Pack by James Huntrods * Still Waters by Christopher Owen* In Defence of Cruella DeVil by Thomas Burns Scully * The Road Less Travelled by Hugo Trebels


Anna Frankl-Duval * Jack Gilliat * Constance Wookey * Jon Steiger * Yaw Assante * Billy Giacci * Sen Enver * Hugo Trebels * Claire Sanderson * Declan Maloney Drummond

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