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VGrafLive presents live performance before a live audience so that the actors and presenters have real live people to relate to.  The actors feel it.  We know that our webcast viewers can feel it.  It's about the energy.  It's about authentic audience reactions - applause, laughs gasps, cheers and sobs. That's what a Studio Audience is for.


We sadly cannot allow members of the general public to serve in this capacity.  Instead, we invite friends and professional colleagues of people in our productions as volunteers members of our studio audiences.  They become part of the show as a member of a show's actual cast.  They agree to our use of any appearance in the video and to the terms and conditions of VGrafLive - like when and where to arrive, how to dress, etc..  


One thing we won't ever do is tell them when to applaud, cheer, cry or laugh. That has to be real for the art's sake. 


To be on the Studio Audience volunteer list for consideration, fill in the form and we'll be in touch.  There is limited occupancy in our production studio so audience casting is always subject to capacity. In order that we  keep an accurate count and be sure we know you, EACH PERSON MUST SUBMIT AN INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION.



VGrafLive and its production collaborators do not charge volunteers to serve as Studio Audience Members. However, note that we are funded mainly by donations, grants, sponsorships and revenue sharing from online viewer fees with our collaborating organizations and guest performers.   Studio Audience members may be invited on a preferential basis subject to seating availability from people who are friends of our collaborators.  Your donations to collaborators and VGrafLive are always welcome.

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