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How does VGrafLive operate and support itself?


The production facilities and much of the operation and creativity are provided with pro bono support from Videograf, by volunteers and with viewer donations.   Note that most of our webcasts are free to view.  However, some may require payment of a nominal fee.


All viewers must register so we can see who is watching, develop a viewer-database for notifications and seek support from potential high-quality sponsors and granting organizations. 


Our organizational style is like that of a non-profit public media channel like PBS or NPR - even if we are not yet one formally. Mainly ,we count of the support of Viewers like you.


Donations to organizations who perform here are always welcome. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

VGrafLive supports the arts, artists and audiences like you.   Please DONATE!  ($10 minimum) to help support us.


Hint: As PayPal charges us a per-transaction fee, it is better to donate $10 each month than $2 per show.

You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card.  We also can accept Zelle.


You may wonder how much should you donate for a VGrafLive performance? 

Please donate whatever you can. $1, $5, $18 - or $1,000,000.   All donations are welcome and thanks for whatever you do!  Note that PayPal and credit cards charge us fees of about 30 cents + up to 6% per payment. Zelle is best.  We will use a portion of revenues to provide "scholarship" viewing for those unable to pay.


And you could FOLLOW/ LIKE us on our FaceBook page, on Twitter (@Vgraflive), become a Subscribed Viewer on VGrafLive and become a VGL Supporting Member in the future.

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