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Each MONDAY night starting in late January 2016

You Act.
They Vote. Everybody Wins!

Please submit this Application  to be considered as a contestant on Taking Sides: The Casting Combat Show.


Also, send your headshot and resume to


Then we send you an email with a detailed informational FAQ and a scheduling questionnaire so we know when you might be available.  When a person's schedule matches up with our cast needs, we make contact to arrange exact dates and exchange a Performer Agreement s for the actor to sign and return.


Actor-contestants for our shows are already cast at least into mid-March but we sometimes need replacement fill-ins and this season will go until past Memorial Day in mid June.  There are still opportunities for this season and certainly in future seasons.  We just need to get the show going and successful.


So simply apply to be in our actor database for future shows. Please also register as a Webcast Viewer so you can watch shows online. You can also apply to be a Studio Audience Member to actually attend a show in our studio.



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