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Performing in a VGrafLive Program

VGrafLive presents programs in the performing arts (theater, comedy, poetry, storytelling, music, etc.) and enlightening presentations in the sciences. 


We collaborate with, encourage and help develop talented, creative and thoughtful people in many art forms and let their works be seen by wider - Worldwide - audiences as programs that fit the scale of our facility and the character of our mission. 


VGrafLive offers three ways for people and organizations to perform or present programs live in our studio theater and as world-wide webcasts with various ways of monetizing


- In longer term co-productions between VGrafLive and outside organizations such as a theatre companies


- "Ready to Perform" - Hosted as a guest performer with their own developed material. Producers, playwrights, arts production groups, individual performers and science presenters can submit proposals


- As a performer/presenter or writer/producer within a VGrafLive-originated production

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