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Rossum's Universal Robots

R.U.R. (Rossum's Unversal Robots), the 1920 play by Czech writer Karel Capek that brought the word "robot" into our modern lexicon. If anything, the concepts he so presciently introduced are even more relevant in this time of increasingly ubiquitous robots and more capable artificial intelligence software.  As the first in VgrafLive's series of science-themed staged readings , auditions and casting for several parts have been completed.  A reading of the play R.U.R occurred in late April 2017 and edited into seven episodes with release of the program anticipated for Autumn.                           

The R.U.R. Cast:


Harry Domin:  Emmanuel Elpenord

Eng. Fabry:  Paul Weissman

Dr. Gall:   Spike Christie

Dr. Hallemeier:   Joseph Salvatore Knipper

Busman:  Hank Lin

Builder Alquist:  Adam P. Murphy

Helena Glory:  Dorothy McMillan 

Nana:  Sue Kuralt


Marius & Primus*:  Ben Maters

Sulla & Helena*:  Sarah Jun

Radius:  William Kozy

1st & 3rd Robot*:  Kamaria Williams

2nd * 4th. Robot*:  Dillon Herbig


Narrator: Karen Crowe

   * role doublings

Producer:  Michael Frenchman

Director: Paula D'Alessandris

Associate Producer: Henrietta Weekes

Casting Stage Manager: Karen Crowe

Video Director:  Michael Frenchman

Technical Operations:  Tojo Rasedoara

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