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Are you “Ready to Perform”?


Perform at VgrafLive and reach the world!  We are Off Off Online Live!


Ready to Perform is a special ad hoc (not regularly scheduled) program series streamed from our intimate webcasting studio hosting productions with organizations and people like you - at little or no cost - and with a chance to actually earn revenue from your art.  A great idea!


We share your work simultaneously with hundreds (maybe thousands) of our and your web-viewers around the planet, literally.  Or maybe we stream just to your own smaller, more targeted audience. Whatever works best for you and your project. 


If you have a performance work of stimulating intellectual substance and high artistic quality – be it classic, Off-Off, Avant-Garde or Fringe, new plays, poetry, performance art, science presentations, spoken word, storytelling, stand-up or acoustic music - that is essentially ready to perform as a staged reading, pilot, backer’s audition or as a full production, you might be a perfect candidate for our Ready to Perform webcasts. 


Please submit the application to the right with a short description of your project concept to start the process. We will review it and reply as soon as possible.

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