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Brit Bits 8

BritBits 8 was our April 2015 theater festival-like production of 16 short plays “by, for or about the Britishby 12 British playwrights. It was the eighth offering in Mind The Gap Theatre’s well-known and ongoing series of new short plays. 


A varying combination of the sixteen plays were put on in each of the twelve performances in the run so each one was unique. 


But this time - and for the very first time! - an even bigger difference was that Brit Bits was not only performed before a live studio audience at VGrafLive's new 20-seat venue but also simultaneously webcast live – that is, streamed over the internet - to online Webcast Viewers around the world. And it was viewable for FREE!


Each unique webcast was recorded and available for viewing online for one day only after its performance. Some may later be made viewable for registered VGrafLive Webcast Viewers in a special "Afterwards" format or by special request.  Stay tuned.

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