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Taking Sides: the casting combat show, the weekly live webcast that pits three actors in competition for “The Big Role” as each delivers their best rendition of the same assigned “side” (monologue) from a noteworthy play in VGrafLive’s Chelsea NYC studio.  The audience - in studio and online – then votes for their favorite performance. Winners advance to the monthly “Callback Battle”. Only one actor will stand victorious! 


There are rewards and prizes for all contestants and winners, wide exposure and further casting opportunities.


We are also seeking charismatic hosts/hostesses for the series. Must be comfortable on camera, personable, able to improvise and connect with people on-air, a team players, adhere to deadlines and give a versatile delivery of both serious and comic material with great timing and personality.


We are now accepting headshots/resumes to participate in our weekly webcast season launching on MONDAY nights in January 2016. Actors will be interviewed and assigned to shows throughout the winter. To be considered and for more information, go to the Actor application.

You Act. They Vote. Everybody Wins!
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