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VGrafLive is New York's preeminent webcasting service for both established and emerging  talent in the performing Arts and innovative presenters in the Sciences.   Audiences, both local and worldwide, can watch stimulating, intimately staged LIVE theatre, poetry, musical and intelligent comedic performances and mind-opening scientific presentations online that might never be available to them otherwise.  Programs are performed and  webcast to the world.

Synthetic Science Theatre

Synthetic Science Theatre -  Conceived by VGrafLive producer Michael Frenchman, this historic arc of plays and documentaries traces the themes and characters which have molded our culture and thought about Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Life for centuries. Original works and adaptations based on Prometheus and Icarus, Doctors Faustus and Frankenstein, Rossum's Robots and Modern Media from Metropolis to Westworld with HAL 9000 in between.  Entertaining, thought-provoking - and just a bit unsettling.

Pandora's Bot

Dr. Faustus, PhD


Rossum's Universal Robots

AI in Modern Media

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